14 July 2010

First Introductory post (which wouldn't fit on the header)

Life is like Dim Sum, with so many varieties to experience. It could be like a charsiupao - simple, straightforward (just bite), warm, fluffy and so satisfying. Or perhaps it's a siumai, tasty, enjoyable but almost always leaves you wanting more. Or a chee cheong fun, where you need to put in more effort to enjoy it, but at the end it's all worth it. Sometimes we also get kai keok, or chicken feet, the sort not many people like, but which almost always appears on the table and is the last dish left unfinished (why do people keep ordering the thing?). Here's to good memories, good food and hopefully a good life!

Just another way of saying that this blog has no real focus or direction, and that anything goes =)

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